Princess stone. Purple grey. Instagram Influencer. Luminary. One and only. Queen’s daughter’s fame. Household name. New and same. French countryside. Purple haze. Prince and Claude Monet.

The medicine of Lavender is that it is Lavender... 



As the ocean is a healer in and of itself, lavender is a healer by it’s very existence. Being near, taking in to the body, smelling flowers or smoke, lavender is lavender—beauty, healer, clear ally—no justification needed.

And, studies also show it. Helpful chemicals have been identified. One interesting compound is absorbed into the blood just by inhalation, is able to cross the blood-brain barrier (a rare gift).

Hello, Brain... relax, release, calm down, ground out, and refresh.

Lavender helps us sleep, not only by sedation (so we fall asleep), but also by supporting our brain’s deepest slow-wave sleep state (so we sleep really well).

Lavender is known to reduce depression, wipe clean the slate. To help with digestion by moving things along. It knows how to kill bacteria that is harmful to us while, discerningly, letting our good bacteria live (amazing). Lavender is good for the skin—prevents scars, regenerates cells, heals burns. A true ally. A real friend. A loving beauty. Lavender.



One day, long ago, a woman went out to work the streets because she had no other options, and a girl has got to live. Always when she was out, this woman kept a sprig of lavender with her, pinned to her dress. It was a sign to her customers that she was ready to receive work. But little did her customers know that this lavender served another purpose, for it came from a lavender bush that was a gift from the woman’s Fairy Godmother. When the woman wore this lavender, only the good and the kind customers were attracted to her. Thus, she protected herself from harm during this time in her life, and she taught other women to do the same.



One little known (and my favorite) way to love lavender is to make a small mound of dried lavender flowers and graze a lit lighter or match over the bunch just till the flower tips light. Then gently blow out the flame, and you’ll have fresh lavender incense rising from your pile.

Lavender essential oil should be all over your house and body, especially lovely massaged gently into your temples. Drip-drop 5-10 drops into your bath. Like to sew? Make tiny pillows filled with dried lavender. Make tea and enjoy it’s light purple hue, and place fresh (or dried) sprigs under your pillow. Breath deep. From nervous to relieved, from anxious to relaxed. Have a Lavender night and do it all.



In our tea Queen of Heaven, lavender sparks delight and deliciousness.