Organic, Original, Hand Made, Loose-Leaf Teas Named After Goddesses From Around The World

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We Use 100% Organic, Whole (never crushed), Sustainably Harvested, High Grade Herbs and Flowers

Always Loose-Leaf!

Each Tea Tells the Inspiring Story of its Goddess

Health Benefits for Body and Spirit

Independently Owned & Operated

Founded 2016 in Asheville, NC

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our mission

To make beautiful, unique, organic teas that inspire feminine strength, creativity, and beauty in all people. To educate about herbalism, tea, goddesses, and culture. To operate in harmony with the Earth.

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tea tins

Hanami tea comes loose-leaf in 6" tall reusable tea tins with a wrap around label. Keeping herbs from light keeps them fresh, and buying loose-leaf ensures quality. To brew, simply steep with a large strainer, giving the herbs plenty of space to flow around and seep their goodness into your cup. Specific brewing instructions are included on the back of each tin!

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