About Hanami Tea

Hanami is an independent tea company operating in Asheville, NC. I started Hanami after 3 years of training in tea and tea service at our local tea house. I create the blends based on herbal knowledge and creative intuition. Part of the mission of the Goddess Line is to inspire people with divine, beautiful, kick-ass female role models. And of course to make the most yummy blends ever invented.

The idea for each blend begins around a goddess, a particular herb, or an idea, and the tea comes to form in a swirl of inspiration, testing, and research. I value uniqueness, deliciousness, and beauty in my blends, and they are made with sustainably sourced, 100% organic herbs.

When customers ask me how to choose a tea, I often tell them to think of what they'd like more of in their life (more love, better sleep, more energy, more prosperity etc.), and let that be your guide. 

I'm delighted to share these blends with you!

~ Kathryn

Here I am debuting The Goddess Line for the very first time in late 2015.
Each tea has a unique circular symbol which are vignettes of original watercolors I painted for each tea. Shown above is the lotus flower from a much larger painting used for Lakshmi's Golden Lotus.
"Hanami" is a Japanese word that means "flower viewing", and refers to the act of appreciating the beauty of spring cherry blossoms. It also refers to having parties under blooming trees with friends.
I was called to craft this line of teas to serve as empowerment for feminine strength and spirit.